My Paper Art Process

collage in process.


This is one of the projects that I have been working on, not yet completed.  

I start with this intention: 

  •  Don't focus on "what is it? " " is it marketable?" or " will anyone like it?"
  •  Consider it free form creativity.
  •  Experiment
  •  Resist the urge to overthink it.
  • Trust my intuition. 
  •  Have Fun.

I sort through my paper cut archives and select items that inspire my theme through their pattern, motif and color. Each collage starts as a puzzle

My process is raw and emotive. There is only a vague idea - I like to dive in. I get into the moment and let my intuition lead the way. My technique always leaves room for surprises.

I love working with paper. It's non-directional, easy to manipulate, and forgiving. As the composition falls into form, I concentrate on balance of color and shapes. My art is about flow: enabling the eye to traverse the colors easily and excite your imagination.

Once I have finished the collage, I photograph it and import the image onto my computer. I enjoy working in the digital medium where experimentation and happenstance play a large part of the creative process. Each new variation creates an exciting interpretation.