Judi Magier
Judi Magier

Silk Scarves

One of the more exciting artistic explorations I've begun recently is to add a line of printed silk scarves that feature my colorful paper collage artwork. My designs are digitally transferred and printed locally in Greensboro, NC. Look through the photo gallery below to see part of my collection; click the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. You may click here to conveniently buy them online through my site.

Original Art Silk Scarves

Each canvas starts as a puzzle, composed of paper cutouts. I sort through piles of magazine clippings and select those that inspire my theme through pattern, motif and color. There is only a vague idea of the composition. I'm not much of a planner - I like to dive in without sketching. It's the process of discovery and intuition that motivates my creativity.

I love working with paper. It's non-directional, easy to manipulate, and you have to be brave with the scissor. As the composition falls into form, I concentrate on balance of color and shapes. My art is about flow: enabling the eye to traverse the colors without one focal point. 

Once I have finished the collage, I take a photograph and download it into Photoshop. I play with cropping and color changes. Each new variation creates an exciting interpretation.

I digitally transfer the image to a local independant printer who custom prints my designs on 100% silk crepe. The edges are finished with delicate stitching hand sewn by local Buddhist Temple Ladies.

Care of Your Scarf

Caring for your silk scarf is incredibly easy. All you need to remember is:

  • Machine wash in cold water.
  • Tumble dry low
  • Warm iron